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tangle is a system for what we call "web page entanglement". tangle creates links between pages automatically based on how users move from one page to another.

By viewing the web through a tangle proxy, you can see the connections and associations left by those who surfed the web before you.

By surfing the web using tangle, you also leave behind connections and associations for others who will surf in the future.

More information about tangle and how it works is available once you connect to a tangle proxy by clicking below.

we are running two tangle proxies that you can try:

tangle proxy 1 (zip)

tangle proxy 2 (monolith)

You can also download the tangle proxy software below:

download gnu/linux intel tar.gz file 136 KiB alpha 2
download gnu/linux PPC tar.gz file 132 KiB alpha 2

To appear in The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 2002:
Scalable Web Page Entanglement [ps.gz] [pdf] (~ 270 KiB)

For sourcecode or developer information:
tangle project page

tangle written by jason rohrer

SHA1 hash algorithm implementation:
originally written by by Steve Reid [steve@edmweb.com]
modified by Aaron D. Gifford [agifford@infowest.com]

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since November 8, 2002 #